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Captain Ben Capdevielle steers the boat at Six Bridges Seattle. A captain of industry as well, Ben spent several years creating and running one of Seattle's earliest and most successful distilleries as well as tending bar around Seattle, so he's got a story or two to share (and probably more he can't). Since 2001, Ben has been fishing, sailing and hosting friends and family for fun times on Seattle's waterways. He lives in Ballard with his daughter, Stella, four chickens, and a plum tree.


As a child he spent many days canoeing with his dad in the Midwest where he grew up. After 20+ years in Seattle, sharing his knowledge of local waterways and everything Seattle is what makes your time with him on Six Bridges so special. You will be welcomed with a warm smile and taken care of from the moment you step foot on board The Cardinal, Ben’s tour boat.

Ben holds a 25 Gross Ton Merchant Mariner license issued by the United States Coast Guard. He completed his training at Flagship Maritime in Tacoma and has logged 480 days and counting on the water.

Captain Ben
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